Our Founder

Children are like flowers endowed with the unique combination of beauty ,color & fragrance .As each flower is unique so are our children .As school we take care to nurture their hidden talents.
We at My Nurture just fosters the tender loving care ,a mother touch with the warmth of a genuine smile to all the kids. Each child is special for us ;we explore their talents through a series of activities & cultural festivals held in school.
My Nurture a special pre school is like a mother garden where we nurture each child as bud ,which we tend & enable to blossom into beautiful flowers.
OUR PATRON :Mr. G.L KAPOOR (CHAIRPERSON OF Sri Ram Kripa Nurture Educational Society. Mr. S.K TANDON Respected member of Sri Ram Kripa Nurture Educational Society. OUR DIRECTOR : Mr. Rajul Kapoor OUR EDUCATIONAL CONSULTANT:Dr. B.K. PANDA(HOD BIOPHYSICS B.H.U ) OUR COGNITIVE PSYCHOLOGY EXPERT FOR PARENT AND CHILD :Mr. Nirmal Joshi(writer & consultant) OUR NUTRITIONAL EXPERT FOR CHILD: Dr. B.L . GUPTA (renowned pediatrician)

Notice Board
ADMISSIONS OPEN FOR SESSION 2019-20. ADMISSION FORMS AVAILABLE IN SCHOOL OFFICE . ADMISSION OPEN FOR LIMITED SEATS ONLY. New session for Nursery & Prep will start from 28th March 2019. Upcoming Event....Holi Celebration.
About us

My Nurture a special preschool is running under society Sri Ram Kripa Nurture Educational Society situated at mahmoorganj ,Varansi city. We offer the preschool programmes that will prepare the child for regular school and lay a solid foundation for the future. These programmes introduce the child to the joy of learning in the initial years of his life and will help him in his all-round growth and development. Coming to My Nurture child will love school and forget the school blues forever.